Queen Anne's Lace Cheese: Gold at '22 World Cheese Awards

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Big congrats to our friends at Indy's own Tulip Tree Creamery on winning Gold at 2022 World Cheese Awards in Oviedo, Spain, for this Queen Anne’s Lace soft ripened, pasteurized cows’ milk cheese with a delicious rind of Geotrichum, the particularly delicate bloom that’s prized in the cheese making world and takes expertise to develop.

Made just quarterly, Queen Anne's Lace has a rich and yeasty flavor with a very delicate texture. 

We recommend pairing Queen Anne's Lace with our Rust Belt Saucisson and Kitchen Sink Sausage along with Cherry, Cacao Nib, and Almond Crisps

one piece: about 6oz each

Ingredients: pasteurized milk and cream, salt, rennet (vegetarian friendly), calcium chloride, cultures

* A bit of blue mold on the rind is possible and not considered a defect.