Uplands Rush Creek 2023 Reserve

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Produced only in the fall, as the diet of Uplands' cows begins to change from summer pasture to the winter’s dry hay -- the cheese we look forward to every year!

This rich milk is perfect this soft, decadent cheese that it’s often referred to as savory custard. Each cheese is wrapped in spruce bark, which gives shape to the cheese and imparts a subtle woodsy flavor.

Before serving Rush Creek, bring the cheese to room temp or warm it gently in an oven.  When using an oven, remove the paper wrapping and either wrap the cheese in tin foil or cover it in a ceramic crock.  Place the cheese in a 250-degree oven for approximately 45 minutes, or until the entire cheese becomes soft and warm. Use a knife to cut around the perimeter of the cheese, just above the bark.  Lift off the rind and scoop out the soft interior with a spoon. 

The rich, savory flavors are ideal to pair with our Saucisson Rouge, Wild Fennel Sausage, Gin & Juice Salame, plus roasted root vegetables and sparkling wines. Although we don't need much more than a spoon, we also like serving it with just a touch of Fig & Black Tea Preserves and Effie's Oatcakes Crackers.

12oz wheel