Peppered Smoked Salmon

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Patagonia Salmon we brine under citrus and thyme before seasoning with a generous dose of finely ground peppercorns -- smoked over fruit wood.

Enjoy as a filet centerplate or toss with greens, pasta, egg dishes, and more. We especially like it for brunch served with Tulip Tree Nettle. 
Ingredients: Brined (water, salt, sugar, lemon, black peppercorn, thyme) salmon, fresh cracked pepper.

Patagonia Salmon from local supplier Bardales Seafood and their personal relationships directly with the fishermen. This Patagonia Salmon is raised between a jungle and a glacier with Mother Nature providing the ideal environment for the salmon to thrive, resulting in a delectable flavor and rich, buttery texture. Sustainable, environmentally conscious practices, organically fed.