Grass Fed goat Milk Ghee by Fatworks

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Prior to Fatworks arrival on the scene, there was not a single USDA Pasture-Raised Lard, Tallow, or Poultry Fat being made and sold on the national level. The world was caught in the grip of a massive wave of Fat-phobia. As early adopters of both the Keto and Paleo lifestyles they took it upon themselves to, "Bring back the fat."

Clarified and roasted to perfection, goat’s milk is considered naturally easier on the digestive system than cow's milk and is thought of as "cooling" in Ayurvedic circles.  A bit smoother and sweeter than cow's milk, goat’s milk ghee, is a perfect substitute for butter and other cooking oils.   It has approximately 100% more Vitamin D, A, and E than their cow's milk ghee!  Domestically sourced from small family farms, this ghee is crafted from 100% grass-fed, pasture raised goat butter, which is then cooked and fine-filtered in small batches. Great for eating straight out of the jar, baking, sautéing, frying, smoothies, Keto coffee. 


Ingredients: Grass-Fed Goat Milk Butter

Gluten Free, Soy Free, Domestically Sources, Lactose and Casein Free