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As Early adopters of both the Keto and Paleo lifestyles, Fatworks decided to, "Bring back the fat" offering USDA Pasture-Raised lard, tallow and poultry fats. These geese are raised outdoors in South Dakota and free to roam happy and it shows in the flavor. 

Goose fat is sometimes referred to as "That old white magic".  It has been used for generations in Europe, and the animal was so prized in the past that in France only the aristocracy had permission to eat geese. So now you can literally eat like a royalty.


A great fat option to sear our Smoked Sausages alongside some potatoes roasted with thyme or rosemary also in Goose Fat.

7.5oz jar

ingredients: goose fat, organic rosemary extract 

Cage Free. Hormone & Antibiotic Free.