Cod Liver by Minnow

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Often referred to as “poor man’s foie gras,” this rich, buttery delicacy begins with Wild Cod from the clear, cold waters of Iceland’s Westfjord region.

At the Icelandic cannery, the cod fillets are prepared to be sold fresh, while the livers cut into smaller pieces and seasoned with salt. Surprisingly full of Omega-3s and Vitamins A and D, it's a deliciously rich bite to serve
 simply on toast with a dash of Espinaler Sauce. Pair with our Lomo and Saucisson Rouge.

4.3oz tin

Ingredients: Cod liver, salt.

Minnow Cannery is based in New York and focuses on sustainably sourced, traceable seafood that's preserved and packed in tins by the best canneries around the world.