Shrimp and Cuttlefish Pate in Ink by José Gourmet

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Try pairing this rich pate with triple-cream trillium cheese and Marcona Almonds plus spicy cornichons or our house pickled red onions.

75g tin

Ingredients: Ingredients: cuttlefish, shrimp, tomato pulp, onion, garlic, black pepper, white wine, water, choco ink, olive oil, mayonnaise (eggs, olive oil, wine vinegar), and salt.

Jose Gourmet has been making tinned fish pate for years, and this latest effort showcases their mastery. In their pate debut, cuttlefish and shrimp delight the senses with their strong but tempting flavors. Visually striking with its deep black ink that imparts a unique and delicious taste of the sea.