Carnivore Collection

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A generous selection for meat lovers.

Choose "just the food" or let us do the gift wrapping.

  • 4 different varieties of Smoking Goose Charcuterie
  • 3 different varieties of charcuterie by our friends at other butcher shops from across the country
  • Viking Lamb Snack Sticks made by our friends in Morristown, Indiana
  • one variety of Red Bear Salame
  • 3 different varieties of pack-and-go charcuterie sticks
  • one variety of Think Jerky
  • one variety of Good Food Award winning Snack Sticks by Red Bear

Based on availability, flavor or product substitutions may be made when necessary -- trust us, it will still be great!

Optional: Add a reusable wooden charcuterie board to your order. Each unique board is handcrafted from locally salvaged wood by Indy Urban Hardwood.