Cage free Duck Fat by Fatworks

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As Early adopters of both the Keto and Paleo lifestyles, Fatworks took it upon themselves to, "Bring back the fat" offering USDA Pasture-Raised lard, tallow and poultry fats. Specially bred ducks are raised to forage on land rather than water, raised with room to roam and be just about as ducky as any duck could wish. 

Duck fat is great for confit-style dishes, roasted veggies, and savory pies. You can even spread it on a "quacker" with a little sea salt. A great fat option to sear Our Smoked Sausages

Available in two sizes: 7.5 oz or 14 oz jar

ingredients: cage-free duck fat, organic rosemary extract 

Cage Free. Hormone & Antibiotic Free.