Infused Honeys by Metal Honey Foods

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Unpasteurized honey infused with flavors by Indy's own Metal Honey. 

Drizzle over soft ripened cheeses or pair with our Capocollo Di Dorman on a sandwich or pizza.

Available in three flavors (5 fl oz bottle each):

  • "Sweet Stinger" Garlic & Umami Hot Honey
  • "Scorpion Honey" Extra Hot Honey with Scorpion Peppers
  • "Vernal Elixir" Ginger Hibiscus infused Honey

Each purchase supports multiple independent, family-owned farms and hives.


Sweet Stinger:  pure honey, garlic, jalapenos, scorpion pepper mash, chinkiang vinegar, apple cider vinegar, dark soy sauce

Scorpion: Pure honey, red habaneros, thai chilis, dried pequin peppers, dried chile de arbol, garlic, salt, distilled vinegar, cherry smoke

Vernal Elixir: Pure honey, pasteurized cold pressed ginger juice, hibiscus flowers, rose, and orange blossom water