Dried Locally Foraged Mushrooms

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Our friends at Eli Creek Farms foraged these wild mushrooms locally and we dehydrated them.

Sauté with our Guanciale Lardons or stew with our Andouille. Blend into soups, stews, egg dishes, sauces, and more.

Each Package is approximately 1oz each. Available varieties include:

  • Black Pearl: Japanese hybrid of oyster mushrooms and king trumpets. They are dense and meaty with large, edible stems that are similar to oyster mushrooms but softer.
  • Oyster: subtle, savory anise flavor and very versatile.
  • Maitake or "Hen of the woods:" rich, woodsy flavor
  • Lion's Mane: mildly sweet flavor and a tender texture that some say mimics shellfish like scallops, crab, or lobster.

No added Ingredients. No Preservatives.