Sausage Sampler Pack

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A sampler of our favorite sausages of the season.

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  • Caraway & Kolsch Bratwurst In collaboration with Indy's own Daredevil Brewing, this pork sausage blends caraway, white pepper, mace, and Vacation Kölsch, the Gold Medal Winner at the Indiana Brewers Cup. four, fully-cooked links in each 12oz package
  • Smoked Kitchen Sink whole hog pork sausage, bacon, piment d'ville, mustard, parsley, four fully-cooked links in each 12oz package
  • Wild Fennel smoked pork sausage with Magnifici del Mezzogiorno fennel seeds from Calabria, Italy, plus anise seed, sage, crushed chilies, and red wine four fully-cooked links in each 12oz package

Based on availability, flavor or product substitutions may be made when necessary -- trust us, it will still be great!

    *Freezing extends storage 365 days beyond the best-by date.

    Optional: Add a reusable wooden charcuterie board to your order. Each unique board is handcrafted from locally salvaged wood by Indy Urban Hardwood.