Ati Manel Small Scallops in Caldeirada Sauce

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Ati Manel, originally formed in 1922 by its namesake, exemplified the Portuguese tradition of freshly canned seafood through the late 1950s. When Luís Mendonça, already a successful artist, discovered his great-grandfather’s weathered canning relics more than 60 years after the business passed with Manel into family lore, he was inspired to resurrect the legacy. While researching notes from fishermen and international purveyors, it became clear that close, personal relationships were just as important to Manel as sourcing high quality, local, and raw materials in his tins. Luís has re-captured uniquely distinct flavors and feelings that have set the table again, inviting us all to join the Manel family’s tradition in a tin.

Pair alongside bagel chips with a dab of peach chamomile preserves


Ingredients: scallops, olive oil, onion, tomato, red pepper, white wine, spices, salt