Mackerel FIllets in Curry by Jose Gourmet

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tender, flaky mackerel in a thick yet balanced yellow curry 

Try it simply for dinner over rice with a cold pilsner or IPA or to top a salad with bitter greens and crunchy vegetables. Serve on a sea-cuterie board with Mama Africa Pili Pili Hot Sauce and Chili and Olive Oil Crackers and your favorite pickles.

120g tin

Ingredients: mackerel, curry sauce (rapeseed oil, water, vinegar, salt, modified starch, mustard, lemon juice, antioxidant{E385}, chili extract), salt.

The abundance of mackerel in the Portuguese waters and its frequent consumption in the Mediterranean have helped it become a pantry staple on the Iberian peninsula. This fish has attracted more interest due to its nutritional properties. Teaming with Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins A, B6, and B12, this is a protein that is just as healthy as it is tasty. Melting on the tongue, its subtle meat will always leave you satisfied, yet craving another bite.