Orange-Soy-Jalapeno Salmon Jerky

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Strips of wild caught Chilean Salmon we brined under orange juice and zest plus sweet soy sauce, local honey, and jalapenos for a little kick before slow-smoking over fruitwood.

Enjoy this pork-free jerky as a solo snack or pair with Tulip Tree Creamery's Nettle Cheese or Capriole Creamery's Fresh Goat Cheese.

4oz packages, store in refrigerator

Ingredients: Salmon, Sea Salt, Brown Sugar, Cane Sugar, Rice Wine Vinegar, Water, Oranges, Sweet Soy Sauce, Sweet Stinger Honey, Hardwood Raw Honey, Maple Syrup, Jalapenos, Paprika, Ground Ginger, Jalapeno Powder, Habanero Powder, Cayenne.