Gentile Giant Wild Boar & Brandy Salame

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Short story: wild boar + Copper & Kings American Brandy in the most prized portion of the natural pork casing

Long story: Italians refer to a refined gentleman as gentile (pronounced like jen-TEE-lay). Centuries ago, the salame made with the most delicate and expensive portion of the casing went to the nobility and ended up with the gentile name, too.

Small Batch Salumi Series is stuffed into that same gentile portion of the casing. It takes more skill and patience to use, but provides the ideal environment for full and flavorful fermentation. Gentile Giant is a special meat treat that's big on flavor (like a giant) but refined (since we should all treat ourselves like nobility). 

Slice this long, slender salame in the traditional way: on a sharp bias for a long, thin piece.

Serve with brandy-based cocktails, spiced pecans, and aged sheep's milk cheeses. 

Each half piece is .5-1lb each, not sliced

each whole piece about 1-2lbs each, not sliced

Ingredients: Wild boar, pork back fat, copper and kings American brandy, trap ani sea salt, dextrose, vegetable powder (celery juice, sea salt), spices (garlic, black pepper), lactic acid starter culture, natural hog casing.