Exotic Fruit Jellies - Wailea (Fruit & Wine) Collection

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Exotic Fruit Jellies is an original confection created by Maui Fruit Jewels, and are like divine fruit gummy candy for adults, made from Hawaii-grown fruits. Inspired by the traditional French confection “pates de fruits”. These confections are to be enjoyed in the same way chocolate bonbons are savored.

Maui Fruit Jewels Wailea Collection is named after the beloved beach resorts that dot the southern shores of the island that are quintessentially Maui. This collection includes 8 tropical fruits and 4 distinctive wines from Maui.

Ingredients: Pulp of locally-grown fruits (bananas, guavas, lilikoi passion fruits with seeds, mangoes, oranges, papayas, pineapples, starfruits) and locally-produced wines (Maui red wine, Maui pineapple wine, Maui sparkling rose wine, Maui lavender-infused Chablis wine), organic cane sugar, glucose, pectin, water, citric acid

3.0 oz box of 12 jewels; keep in cool, dry place