Dardimans Fruit Crisps

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All of Dardiman's fruit, excluding Hawaiian pineapple, are hand-picked from California Orchards. These dried fruit slices are as close to the fresh fruit as possible, maintaining the same color, aroma and flavor. Each fruit pack is just one simple ingredient without added sugars or preservatives, unless adorned in decadent chocolate.

 Add some color to your charcuterie boards alongside our Sliced Genoa and Tulip Trees Foxglove

  • Crispy Apple Slices
  • Crispy Lemon Slices
  • Crispy Mandarin Slices
  • Chocolate Orange Slices 
  • Ruby Chocolate Pineapple Slices

 0.3 oz to 0.8 packs

Contains: Dairy (chocolate variants only)