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a seasonal limited-release: smoked pork flat iron, cayenne, marjoram -- freezes well for longer storage. Stock up while supplies last!

This hand-trimmed pork flat iron is often called "ham" though it's actually cut from well-marbled pork shoulders. Smoking Goose follows that traditional flavor parade with a liberal layer of cayenne, marjoram, white pepper, and allspice. Each piece gets a thick lick of smoke over smoldering fruit wood.

Fully cooked, it's ready to use right out of the package. Tasso is essential for Cajun and Creole classics: cubed in jambalaya, sliced thin for po' boys, diced for étouffée, gumbo, dirty rice, and more

Because each bite brings so much flavor, it's the first ingredient in our pan to start soups, sauté veg, and build sauces. Slice thinly or cube to bring spice and texture to seasonal charcuterie boards, too.

each piece about 7-9oz each, not sliced