"The Brown Hotel" Sausage: cheesy turkey brat w/sun-dried tomato

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a limited-release pork and turkey sausage with our Applewood Bacon, Jacob & Brichford's Everton cheese, and sun-dried tomatoes -- named in honor of the historic Louisville hotel where the city's legendary open-face sandwich was created

Fully cooked -- simply sear on the grill or in a pan to serve hot.

four links in each 12oz package

Buy a bundle of 5 packages and save an additional 10%!

Ingredients: Turkey Breast, Pork, Applewood Bacon, Bacon Bits, Everton, sundried tomato, Heavy Whipping Cream, Chicken Stock.

Contains Dairy.

Refrigerated products are best by the printed date sticker, and freezing extends storage to 365 days after the printed date.