Codfish in Olive OIl with Garlic

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Cod has deep roots in Portuguese national history and its culinary history. Caught in the North East Atlantic, this cod is packed in olive oil and garlic--preserving the traditional combination of this traditional Portuguese dish--and ready to eat. 

About the producer: JOSÉ was inspired by the Hebrew root of the name, meaning the one who adds on, and is committed to increasing an understanding of quality raw ingredients and the talented small producers who work with them.

Serving suggestions: pair with sheep's milk cheeses and garlic crostini on charcuterie boards. Skewer with sun-dried tomatoes and olives for pintxos or cocktail garnishes.

Pizza w/codfish in olive oil + garlic

- Top pizza dough with tomato sauce mixed with the garlic that’s inside the codfish tin and a hearty pinch of fresh oregano (or basil) leaves. Top w/ shredded cheese and torn pieces of the codfish and bake.


- In a deep, oven-safe dish (clay is ideal) add a layer of shredded kale, torn pieces of the codfish and its garlic and oil, thin slices of crusty wheat bread, and more garlic + olive oil to taste. Repeat this layering process again until the pan is filled with several layers. Bake until the cabbage is cooked and serve wram.