Ati Manel Smoked Trout Pate

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This fatty freshwater fish is smoked to silky perfection before being carefully blended with quality olive oil for a luxurious mouthfeel and decadent taste.

Both sustainable and delicious, this makes the perfect cracker snack. Pair it with Rustic Bakery flatbread or crusty loaf alongside some french cornichons

75g tin (2.6oz)

Ingredients: Trout, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Tomato Pulp, Vinegar, White Pepper, Salt.

Ati Manel founded in 1922 exemplifies the Portuguese tradition of freshly canned seafood. When Luís, already a successful artist, discovered his great-grandfather’s weathered canning relics more than 60 years after he and the family business had passed away, Luís was inspired to resurrect the legacy and named the cannery Manel after his great-grandfather.