Rainbow Garden Cheeseball

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Edible flowers and Herbes de Provence decorate this delicious cheeseball we made with Risin' Creek goats' milk Chevre and a full rainbow of vegetables and spices including roasted sweet peppers and smoked eggplant, sundried tomatoes, parsley, pink peppercorns, lavender, and more.

Let come to room temp and serve with your favorite crackers, our sliced charcuterie, and good company.

each cheeseball about 8oz - keep refrigerated

Ingredients: cheese mixture (cream cheese, Risin' Creek Goat Chevre, parsley, yellow and red sweet peppers, eggplant, sundried tomatoes, roasted garlic, pink peppercorn, black pepper, salt), floral coating (Herbes de Provence, pink peppercorns, lavender, edible assorted flowers)