Mont St. Francis

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Mont St. Francis was named for a nearby Franciscan retreat and was first made in 1994 when there were few American washed-rind cheeses. Cheeses like the rustic, stinky Mont originated in monasteries across Europe and were traditionally washed in brine or beer. We finish ours in Monnik Beer Company’s His Dark Materials stout to enrich its funky, pungent flavor with a sweet, smoky finish. We’re “texture-proud” at Capriole, and the semi-firm, extra fine texture of this cheese is perfectly matched to its hearty flavor and beefy nose.

“I know “ said one cheesemonger, that if monastery cheeses “were anywhere near as good as this musky, barnyardy Mont St. Francis, it might be enough to tempt me toward the monastic life.”

6 oz wedge
Ingredients: pasteurized goat milk, beer, culture, animal rennet, salt, B. linens
Contains: Milk, may contain Wheat