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Goose Staff Chris R.Introducing Chris R!

Chris R. has worked in a variety of professional kitchens but their favorite station may just be the egg line at a popular brunch spot. "You have to keep focus and multitask, but mostly you get really good at timing," they says. 

Chris R. puts that keen sense of timing to use in their musical performances, too. Catch them playing guitar and bass around town and especially at fall festivals around the state. If there's one Smoking Goose meat treat that best represents their musical style, Chris R. has to take a beat. "Hmmm...what's greasy?" they jokes. "Our Guanciale Lardons have great flavor -- the fat is so good."

After Chris works at Public Smokehouse loading up the smoker with seafood or helping prep limited releases, they still enjoys cooking at home quite a bit. Some of their favorite ingredients to go with those Lardons are Tulip Tree Creamery's triple-cream Trillium and Spicy Quail Eggs. "Those quail eggs are unbelievable! Way hotter than I expected, and so good. Whenever a jar is open in my fridge, they’re gone super fast."

But when they can resist eating 'em straight from the jar, Chris likes to whip up an egg salad sandwich that blends these spicy quail eggs with Guanciale Lardons they caramelizes on the stove top. And the soundtrack to pair with their fav sandwich? "Orville Peck," says Chris R. "Their vibe is enough."
Smoking Goose Chris RSmoking Goose Chris R