Spruce and Oops! Salame

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We made this limited-release batch of salame by mistake...or did we...

Cold-smoked pork salame with lemon peel and Boysenberry Sour Ale by Upland Brewing -- it's like our Spruce & Candy Salame but with the accidental (on purpose?) addition of one of our favorite Indiana berry ales. Quickly becoming a staff favorite “mistake”...oops!
Pair slices with Tulip Tree Creamery's triple-cream Trillium cheese and fruit preserves.

about 6oz each, ready to slice at home
Store at cool, consistent room temperature (refrigerate after cutting open).
Ingredients: pork, pork fat, Upland Brewery's Boysenberry Sour Ale, sea salt, spruce tips, lemon peel, dextrose, celery powder, calabrian pepper, pink peppercorn, clove, lactic acid starter culture, natural pork casing.

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