Spring Blossom Bundle: all-inclusive package

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Enjoy our favorite pairings of the season with this all-inclusive package.

Choose optional gift wrapping to send as a gift or get "just the food." It's everything you need to celebrate spring, Easter, the eclipse, and more.

Each bundle serves 4-6 and includes:

  • two! sliced packages of our Genoa Salame: pork salame with garlic, white pepper, black peppercorns. two 3oz packages of slices
  • Capriole Creamery's Tea Rose: Fragrant herbs, flower petals, and a touch of fennel pollen subtly compliment this light, vibrant goats' milk cheese. 6oz wheel
  • Emily G's Datil Peach Marmalade: sun-ripened peaches, tangelo peel, and a hint of ginger with Datil pepper. 1.5oz jar

Based on availability, flavor or product substitutions may be made when necessary -- trust us, it will still be great!

Optional: Add a reusable wooden charcuterie board to your order. Each unique board is handcrafted from locally salvaged wood by Indy Urban Hardwood.