Smoked Octopus in Bullwhip Hot Sauce

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Wildfish Cannery keeps loads of hot sauce on hand at the Cannery, from Frank’s to Tapatio to Salsa Espinaler...adventurous eaters like spice! So since time is precious, they decided to put their favorite hot sauce directly into the can. Because alongside spice, they also like to taste Alaska, and when it comes to selecting ingredients for their products they always look local first. That’s why they chose Barnacle Foods for their very first collaboration. They’ve got a serious brand crush on the folks over at Barnacle, and not just ‘cause they make great hot sauce. They share in their mission of harnessing the value of Alaska’s resources, creating resiliency for coastal communities, and keeping the health of our oceans a top priority amidst changing ocean climates.

There’s nothing like the canning triumvirate—heat, pressure, and time—to infuse the flavor of spicy piri piri, garlic, and a hint of kelp into their octopus. Bullwhip Kelp Hot Sauce is flavor first, heat second, and on a scale of “hint o’ spice” to “ignites the heat receptors,” this sits comfortably right in the middle—igniting your taste buds instead.


6oz tin

Ingredients: giant pacific octopus, alaskan bull kelp, water, vinegar, tomato paste, expeller non-gmo vegetable oil, garlic, salt, piri-piri, xantham gum, pure cane sugar