Nigella by Villa Jerada

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From Villa Jerada's Website: "Also known as black cumin, Nigella is considered a holy ingredient in most of North Africa and the Middle East. It's the superfood you've probably never heard of, touted for its cancer-protective, antibacterial, digestion-friendly, inflammatory-reducing, and immunity-boosting properties. Nigella contain 15 amino acids, essential fatty acids like linoleic acid, vitamins A and C, and minerals such as calcium, protein, potassium, and iron. It’s also an antioxidant that is meant to cleanse your body and detox your liver. Ancient Egyptians used them medicinally to treat skin and hair conditions, respiratory problems, and headaches. It was so prized that they even placed the 'black seed' oil in the tombs of their kings.

We love its nutty and onion aromas on flatbreads, vegetable spreads, as a garnish on salads and in our morning Moroccan porridge Hsoua.

The acidity mixes well with dressings, marinades, dry rubs and the deep red with purple hues adapt well when dusted on top of fruit, chocolate or ice cream."

3.5 oz, jar