Intergalactic by Perrystead Dairy

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Perrystead Dairy is an urban Philadelphia creamery that blends traditional techniques with modern implements in the pursuit of all-new American original cheeses. The spectacular grass-fed milk they use comes from caring local Pennsylvania family farmers.

Intergalactic is an all-American beauty. It is a soft-rinded lactic cow’s milk cheese that is coagulated with the stamens of cardoon artichoke thistle flowers, a tradition dating back to the Roman Empire (so yes, it is vegetarian!). Cave-ripened for 14 days, forming a melt-in-your-mouth wrinkly rind, the fudgy texture beneath the rind gradually turns fluffy and tangy towards the center core. As the cheese ages, it becomes more supple throughout. This delicate flower needs some protection so it is set on a moisture pad, wrapped in greaseproof paper, and placed in a sustainable poplar wood box.