Honey Gochujang Smoked Catfish

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wild-caught Blue Catfish fillets glazed with gochujang--a Korean, spicy, fermented red chili paste--blended with honey, lime, ramp salt, and more; smoked over fruit wood

Fully cooked -- serve right out of the package or simple to heat and serve hot.

Toss with greens for a cold salad or as serve as part of a sea-cuterie board. Pair with our House Pickled Korean BBQ Oyster Mushrooms. Easy to heat and serve hot: toss with your favorite noodles (we like Korean guksu style) and a seafood or light beef broth. Or serve with rice and sauteed veg--try topping it off with an egg for a catfish version of bibimbap.

Ingredients: honey, lime juice, gochujang paste, soy sauce, umami mushroom seasoning, brown sugar, ramp salt, sesame oil

each fillet about 5oz