Ham Steak Dinner Package

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Dinner plans done! This package serves 4+ and includes:

  • Your choice of 
    - Ham Pastor Ham Steaks
    - Shelby Blue Ribbon Ham Steaks smoked over peach wood
    - Applewood Smoked City Ham Steaks

  • Smokehouse "Dragon" Rillette we made with alligator tail meat + smoked pork belly, our 'Nduja, and sake, yuzu ponzu, lime, scallion, shallots, garlic, ginger + more -- topped with pink peppercorns and a little pinch of red chili flakes (8oz container)

  • Firehook Sea Salt & Olive Oil Flatbread Crackers perfect to serve with the Dragon Rillette (5.5oz box)

  • Just-add-Stock Mushroom Risotto Mix featuring locally foraged maitake, chestnut, and black pearl mushrooms, this convenient package makes an easy dinner side. Instructions below.

  • Guanciale Lardons to saute with the mushrooms in the Risotto Kit. (8oz package)

Mushroom Risotto Preparation Instructions:

Additional Ingredients Needed: 5 cups chicken or vegetable stock, 5 TBSP olive oil, 1/2 cup dry white wine

- Warm olive oil in a large saucepan over a medium to low heat. 

- (We add about half the package of Guanciale Lardons at this point and saute for about 2-3 minutes...but this is optional, of course.) 

- Remove just the dried mushrooms from the kit and sauté them for about 3-5 minutes in the olive oil until they begin to soften.

- Set aside the seasoning packet and add just the rice to the pan with the mushrooms -- mix well until rice is evenly coated with olive oil.

- Add wine and stir constantly over medium heat until reduced completely.

- Add 3 cups of broth to completely cover rice and continue to stir until it is absorbed by the rice.

- Stir in seasoning packet.

- Add the remaining 2 cups of broth slowly while continuing to stir until the rice is cooked through and creamy.

- Season with salt and pepper to taste, and enjoy!