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Enjoy this sampler of Smoking Goose's award winning charcuterie, including new limited releases available exclusively for Berserkers Day, and with Free Shipping, too.

*** Choose the Basic Collection, or we highly recommend opting for the the Bonus Collection which includes limited-releases exclusively for Berserkers Day like Blackberry Duck Salame and pre-sliced Culatello di Dorman (a Good Food Award winner) more!

Basic Collection includes:

- 2023 Good Food Award Finalist: Just Announced! Saucisson Rouge - whole hog salame with Boonville Barn Collective piment d'ville, chili, pork heart, pork liver, and organic red wine. each link about 6oz, ready to slice and serve

- Limited-release Sliced Spruce Tip Bresaola - Spruce tips? Yes, Chef. A citrusy, minty, piney zip comes from these spruce tips, a long-time Scandinavian spice that Smoking Goose owner and butcher Chris originally learned to harvest during a visit to Alaska. each package of slices about 3oz

- Rabbit & Pork Cheese Terrine - country-style terrine of rabbit, nutmeg, white pepper, and parsley wrapped in thin slices of cured pork belly; each portion about 8oz

- Guanciale Lardons - pork jowl cured under juniper, garlic, black peppercorns. Pre-cut lardons make short work of classic recipes like carbonara, amatriciana, and more. each package about 8oz

- Limited-release Smoked Mexican Chorizo Sausage - pork sausage with cumin, oregano, ancho, sherry vinegar; fully cooked, easy to simply sear and serve, four links in each 12oz package

- Andouille Sausage - pork sausage is with allspice, chili, mace, and mustard. fully cooked, simple to sear and serve hot to chop to blend into cajun and creole classics; each loop about 16oz

- Kitchen Sink Sausage - Whole hog pork sausage, bacon, piment d'ville, mustard, parsley. Four fully-cooked links in each 12oz package

- LImited-Release - Pawpaw Glazed Ham Steaks - Hickory-Smoked Heritage Ham glazed with Pawpaw, 8th Day Distillery Rum, and Tellicherry Peppercorn: what we've nicknamed the "Indiana Banana" Ham after what folks in these parts call pawpaw. The fruit of this native Indiana tree has a bright, sweet flavor that pairs deliciously with the rum in this glaze. Each package contains 3, 4oz steaks


The Bonus Collection includes everything in the Basic Collection PLUS... 

- Berserker Day Exclusive Blackberry Duck Salame - duck salame with a touch of pork for texture and black raspberry sour ale made by Indiana's own Upland Brewing plus blackberries, white peppercorns, cinnamon, lemon peel; each link about 6oz each, ready to slice and serve

- Limited-release + Good Food Award Winner Sliced Culatello di Dorman - Hand-trimmed whole muscle from the heart of the ham the most prized portion. Cured 30 days under black peppercorns and red wine before it's hand-laced in pork bladders, aged at least 10 months. Each package of slices about 3oz

- 'Nduja - Pronounced in-do-yha, this soft, spreadable pork salame with Calabrian peppers is delicious when brought to room temp and schmeared on crusty bread while still hot from the toaster. Add spoonfuls to a warm pan as the cooking medium for veg, soups, and braises. Blend into stuffing for porchetta or whole fish. each piece about 6oz

Seasonal Release - Gin & Beet Cured Salmon Lox - salmon filet that we cured under Indy's own Hotel Tango gin plus crushed juniper berries and beets, which also lend the striking, all-natural color. Approximately 5oz each

- House-Made Pimento Cheese - a popular demand means we can't stop making this crowd favorite; serve with crackers, crudités, inside sandwiches, stuff pork chops, and more. It's delicious cold or heat in a slow oven till melty and golden brown delicious. each container about 8oz