All-Indiana Victory Cheese Box: supports independent cheesemakers

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Each package contains 

  • Jacobs and Brichford Everton, an Alpine style cheese, sharper than a gruyere. With strong grassy notes, it is reminiscent of the pastures on which the milking cows have grazed. Though it melts easily, there remains a distinct meaty depth to its flavor. Ideal for fondue or pairing with smoked salmon, fresh salad greens and white wine. A two-time American Cheese Society award winner. raw cows' milk (8oz)
  • Tulip Tree Creamery Trillum, a triple cream, bloomy-rind cheese inspired by the French classics Camembert & Brie.  It has a soft buttery texture with rich smooth flavors and gentle lactic tones. pasteurized cows' milk (8oz)
  • Capriole Flora, named after Capriole founder’s grandmother, a country cook and gardener who made cheeses from the milk of a neighbor’s dairy cows. A delicate, bloomy-rinded wheel with a cream line and vegetable ash rind under the natural bloom, it is grassy and light when young with a texture that becomes more dense and creamy as the cheese ages. (6oz)
  • Smoking Goose Rust Belt Saucisson. Hard-working history, renaissance spirit: our Rust Belt Saucisson hits close to home. 100% purebred Duroc pork from fourth-generation Gunthorp Farms in LaGrange, Indiana, is blended with white pepper, garlic, lemon peel, nutmeg, clove, and cinnamon before cold-smoking over applewood, hickory, and barrel staves. Easy to slice by hand (next to a metal lunchbox and thermos) or layer on boards next to Indiana farmstead cheeses and the latest local pint. (6oz)

Victory Cheese Box logoAbout the Victory Cheese Box 
The COVID-19 crisis is devastating the entire American artisan cheese industry, from dairy farmers and cheesemakers to distributors, restaurants, and cheese counters. A grass-roots collection of cheese professionals has banded together to identify ways to sustain our struggling industry. The Victory Cheese Box was born from this group in an effort to pull the supply chain together in one coordinated effort. Like the Victory Garden movement of a by-gone era, this is a call for eaters all across the country to step up for domestically produced cheese, because if we don’t choose it now, it may be lost forever. The Victory Cheese Box directly supports independent cheesemakers right here in Indiana during this especially critical time.

Eat Well, Do Better
Smoking Goose donates 10% of Victory Cheese Box Sales to SURJ, a nationwide network of groups and individuals working to undermine white support for white supremacy and to help build a racially-just society.