Lady Goose 'Nduja: whole piece

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Lady Goose 'Nduja: whole piece
Taste what happens when we combine the best of North Carolina pork with the spirit and drive of Indiana's premier smokehouse. Lady Goose is Lady Edison pork x Smoking Goose craft: a new collaboration celebrating community and good food. Our latest release is a soft, spreadable, whole pork salame with Calabrian peppers.

Pronounced kinda like in-do-yha, we like serving this pork salame best at room temp and schmeared on crusty bread while still hot from toaster. Add spoonfuls to a warm pan as the cooking medium for veg, soups, braises. Blend into stuffing for porchetta or whole fish. 

each whole piece averages around 2.5lbs, not sliced 

store in the fridge; once sliced open, store with plastic wrap pressed against the cut surface (as long as it stays dry and at a consistent cool temp, will last in the fridge for months)