Dodge City Salame

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Dodge City Salame
A new limited release in our #SmallBatchSalumiSeries begins with pastured hogs raised on whey from Jacobs & Brichford Farmstead Cheese in Connersville, Indiana.
After forming curds for cheesemaking, the liquid whey is drained off. It can be used to make ricotta (a second cooking or ri-cotta of the whey), but most often it's pumped away as a wasted by-product even though it's packed with minerals, protein, fat, and deliciousness...all of which translate into the lucky hogs who get to gobble it up.
Spiced with fennel pollen, pink peppercorns, and a touch of garlic, our Whey-Fed Pork Salame is a limited release and available first come, first served. 
About 8lbs each. Not sliced.

Interested in a smaller portion? Ask your favorite market or deli to contact us so they can bring it in and slice it to order for ya.