Smokehouse Snack Pack

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Easily packable for the best desk lunch, movie snack, picnic, tasting room run, and more.

Each fully sealed snack pack serves 1 and contains:

  • Soppressata - Traditional hand-cut pork salame with nutmeg, clove, black pepper and ginger. about 2oz
  • Marcona AlmondsKnown as the “Queen of Almonds,” Spanish Marcona Almonds are sweet, plump, and flavorful with no bitterness. They're prepared in the classic Spanish way: peeled, fried in small batches, and salted. about 1oz
  • Carr Valley Cranberry Chipotle CheddarEstablished in 1883, Carr Valley is one of Wisconsin's oldest cheesemakers. about 2oz
  • Apricot, Pistachio, Brandy Artisan CrispsHandcrafted flatbreads made by Rustic Bakery. about 0.38 oz