Assorted Handmade Truffles

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The Queer Chocolatier based in Muncie, Indiana, makes  unapologetically indulgent bean-to-bar craft chocolates and truffles.

These traditional French truffles just melt in your mouth. We suggest an after-dinner pairing with Smoked Honeycomb, Trillium Triple Cream, and Effie's Oatcakes with fresh fruit.

Each box contains four truffles of a single flavor, and all truffles are 60% dark chocolate. Choose from the following CURRENT rotation:

Red: Cinnamon Chipotle -  cinnamon chipotle. Smoky, spicy, warm, and lingering, cinnamon is very front-forward at the beginning of your tasting experience then giving way to a tingle of chipotle. The truffle lingers pleasantly and satisfies the adventurous cravings

Orange: The Turkey Situation - Not actually turkey-flavored, our November truffle is The Turkey Situation: an orange cranberry combination to remind you of the fruits and flavors of the oncoming winter season! Tart but bright, the orange greets you upon first taste and the deeper, darker cranberry notes linger in the finish

Yellow: Burnt Caramel w/ Sea Salt - Deep, rich, smooth caramel infuses the creamy ganache of the Burnt Caramel w/Sea Salt Truffle. Tiny pops of sea salt leap onto your tongue as you are washed away with wave after wave of caramel and Queer Chocolatier’s bean-to-bar-to-truffle 60% dark chocolate stay with you. Prepared to be pulled into the dark undertow of the sea.

Green: Pistachio Rosewater- The ingredients: pistachio, rose water, and chocolate. How beautiful and elegant and adventurous! Just like our marriage. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Blue: Dirty Chai - coconut cream, espresso powder, cinnamon, ginger, clove, black peppercorn, cardamom, cocoa powder

Purple: Lavender Menace - A twist from the ordinary, these deliciously floral truffles will expand your senses as you simultaneously experience the taste and smell with each bite. Lavender Menace Truffles are Queer Chocolatier’s bean-to-bar-to-truffle 60% dark chocolate imbued with the floral aromas of lavender and vanilla. powder