Sausage Sampler Packs

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Order for yourself or send as a gift -- enjoy several varieties of award-winning sausages specially selected for the season:

Choose from two sizes: the Simple Sausage Sampler or the Grand Sausage Sampler

The Simple Sausage Sampler includes:
  • Caraway & Kolsch BratwurstIn collaboration with Indy's own Daredevil Brewing, this pork sausage blends caraway, white pepper, mace, and Vacation Kölsch, a 2019 Gold Medal Winner at the Indiana Brewers Cup. four fully-cooked links in each 12oz package
  • Smoked Kitchen Sink whole hog pork sausage, bacon, piment d'ville, mustard, parsley, four fully-cooked links in each 12oz package
  • Wild Fennel smoked pork sausage with Magnifici del Mezzogiorno fennel seeds from Calabria, Italy, plus anise seed, sage, crushed chilies, and red wine four fully-cooked links in each 12oz package

The Grand Sausage Sampler includes everything above plus:

  • Andouillesmoked pork sausage with allspice, chili, mace, and mustard. one jumbo, fully-cooked 16oz loop
  • Fresh Hillbelly Sausage uncased pork + bacon sausage with maple syrup, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, ginger. Ideal for country-style gravy to serve with hot biscuits or blend into stuffing/dressing. Store in FREEZER.

Freezing extends storage 365 days beyond the best-by date.