Rabbit Pâté All-Inclusive Appetizer Kit

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Our limited-release Rabbit Pâté perfectly paired with our favorite accompaniments for an all-inclusive package that's ideal for spring happy hour snacks and gifts.

- Rabbit & Pork Pâté with Lemon and White Rum: Limited release! House-made rabbit pâté with white rum, lemon zest, parsley, white pepper, nutmeg, and more. 16oz each

- Imported Taralli with Onion and Raisin: Traditional Tarali imported from Italy made with onions, Sultana Raisins, and extra virgin olive oil from an ancient Apulian recipe. 8.5oz

- Quince & Apple Shallot Confit with Red Wine: Small batch made in Wisconsin. 6oz

- Three Little Pigs Piquant Cornichons: Sweet & Spicy Baby Gherkins pickled in vinegar and spices in the traditional French way. 12.4oz

Based on availability, flavor or product substitutions may be made when necessary -- trust us, it will still be great!