Meatlovers Pizza Topping Sampler

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Each Sampler includes all the top-shelf meaty toppings you need to dress your favorite pizza dough.

Hillbelly Sausage - pork & bacon sausage ready to crumble on top pizza, 16oz package

Applewood Smoked Bacon Bits - Our real Applewood Bacon + Jowl Bacon cut clean and crisp into bits, 8oz package

Sliced Piccante - Pork salame: tutto calabria chili, pimeton de la vera. Very limited 8oz pre-sliced bags. 

Sliced Capocollo di Dorman - our pre-sliced pork collar salame; tender and rich with paprika + white wine (as featured on our neighbor King Dough Pizza's menu -- honored that the professionals choose Capocollo to top their pizza pies!) 12oz package

Optional additions: need tomatoes? we recommend a jar of Heirloom Tomato Bruschetta. How about cheese? we like young Spanish Mahon for it's melty texture, or get topping + cheese in one with our Marinated Marinated Feta & Olive Mix