Truffle Salami by Truffleist

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The Truffleist partnered with Jacüterie for this limited release Saucisson aux Truffles Noir with black summer truffles and a custom truffle salt.

Jacüterie Dry Cured Sausages are inspired by European salami and made using pasture-raised pork with no additive antibiotics or hormones in the Hudson Valley of New York. Based on Long Island City, Queens, The Truffleist specializes in handcrafted, small-batch truffle products.

Pair this rich salami with Capriole Creamery's Juliana cheese for a stunning summer match up.

Ingredients: Pork, Truffle Salt (sea salt, black truffle, truffle essence), Container 2% or less: Evaporated cane juice, celery extract, lactic acid starter cultuer, pork casing.

each link about 6oz, not sliced