Spring Charcuterie Board Package

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Ideal to enjoy in the warm spring weather (or at least the thought of it, ha ha) and to serve at Easter gatherings.

Available in two sizes: 

Beginning to Bloom Charcuterie Board Collection

"Beginning to Bud" Package serves 4+ and includes

- Stagberry Salame:  elk + a little pork for texture with dried blueberries macerated under local dry mead, 6oz link, ready to slice and serve

- Blueberry Wensleydale: This English cheddar from Somerdale is studded with blueberries, each piece about 6oz

- Hardwood Honey by Indy's own beekeeper Ross Harding of Hardwood Honey, 3oz jar 

Olive Oil & Sel Gris Flatbread by Rustic Bakery, 6oz package

- our house-made Sweet & Spicy Pecans4oz package

In Full Bloom Charcuterie Board Package

"In Full Bloom" Package serves 6-8+ and includes everything above plus

- Gin & Juice Salame: Featured in Wall Street Journal, this lamb and pork salame blends the flavors of crushed juniper berries and orange peel. 6oz link, ready to slice and serve

- Nettle Cheese By Tulip Tree Creamery: a fresh cheese, bright, and crumbly Cows' milk cheese covered with mint, garlic, and nettle leaves, 6oz piece  

- Orange and Lemon Marmalade by Quince & Apple: bright and citrusy preserves with notes of lemon and ginger, 1.5oz jar

Based on availability, flavor or product substitutions may be made when necessary -- trust us, it will still be great!