Game Day Dip Collection

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A selection of tasty dips and crackers.

Smoked Seafood Dip (choose Regular or Spicy) - our house-made seafood dips made with scallops, trout, and more plus cream cheese, mayo, parsley, capers, chili powder, onion. 8oz container

Pimento Cheese Dip - 8oz container

Amazeballs Spread - Made right here in Indianapolis, Eat Surreal's spreads are plant based, nut free, gluten free, and delicious, whether you have dietary restrictions or not. 6oz container

Parmesan Crisps by Upcycled Grain Project-  Rescued spent grain from the brewing process is naturally sugar-free, protein-packed, and fiber-full.6.2oz box

Rustic Bakery Everything Seasoned Flatbread - crispy sourdough flatbread. 6oz box

Rye & Sea Salt Nordic CrispsDanish knækbrød or crispbread, these baked rye crisps are a healthy, real-food alternative. 5oz box