Big Red Salame

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Our latest limited-release is an all-beef salame we made with mushrooms and Ciacci Piccolomini d'Aragona Ateo, a "Big Red" Tuscan wine blend of Cabernet Sauvignon + Merlot. 

It's hand-dipped in beeswax from Indy's own Hardwood Honey.

To serve, peel off the beautiful red wax casing before slicing and serving with bold Red Wines, Robiola Bosina cheese, Fennel Taralli crackers, and Wild Cardoons preserved under olive oil.

each link about 6oz, unsliced. ready to eat

Store at cool, consistent room temperature, and refrigerate after slicing into the salame.

Piccolomini was the groundskeeper at the Tuscan estate of a big wig family with powerful political and banking connections since the 13th Century -- they even produced two Popes. When the last heiress passed away, she left the entire estate to him, the gardener! With years of experience working the grounds, Piccolomini knew exactly what he thought would thrive in the exceptional terroir, and he got to work establishing the vineyards and winery with the eye of a farmer rather than a stuck-in-tradition winemaker. His choices raised more than a few local eyebrows, but Piccolomini persisted and trusted that the vineyards would show him what would work best in their soils.

His first vintage of "Ateo" in 1989 was a not-so-subtle snub of the local wine consortium's rules. Piccolomini believed the earth and the climate should dictate which types of vines would be best suited in a particular vineyard--not the rules and restrictions of a disconnected business model. Meaning atheist in Italian, "Ateo" was Piccolomini's bottling to show that he and his vineyards were free to work toward their own destinies.