2023 Best in Class Winner Briana by Jacobs & Brichford

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2023 Winner of Best in Class at the U.S. Cheese Championship! Briana is a semi-firm, smear-ripened cheese inspired by Italian Alpine cheeses but made just down the road in Connersville, Indiana, by our friends at Jacobs & Brichford.

This dense cheese has distinct nutty overtones and mild herb-y flavors with hints of fresh fruit that add an brightness and pungency to the finish. 

Serve alongside slices of City Ham and maple smoked cashews

Each piece is roughly 8oz.

More on Jacobs & Brichford: This Indiana farm relies on its legacy grasses for the terroir-driven flavors in its award-winning cheeses. French cows are rotationally grazed and not fed on grain ever.  Cheeses are produced only seasonally while cows are lactating, and milk for their cheeses comes exclusively from their own farm’s cows.