Ameribella by Jacobs & Brichford: Good Food Award Finalist 2022

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This semi-soft, washed rind cheese is made from 100% grassfed raw cows' milk and inspired by the cheeses of northern Italy. The soft rind and creamy paste maintain a distinctly earthy aroma, like bread dough proofing. Slightly salty, savory, and mildly lactic, the flavor sweetens with age while the paste grows even more smooth and silky.

Nestled in the Whitewater River Valley of South East Indiana, that land where this husband-and-wife team raise their cows has been home to a family farm since the early 1800s. They produce all the milk used in the cheeses they make from their grass-fed Jersey, Normande, and Tarentaise-cross cows.

Jacobs & Brichford is a Good Food Award winner and their Ameribella is a 2022 Good Food Award Finalist. 

each piece about 8oz