Sassaka -- if you like bacon butter...

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Serving suggestions: 

  • Blend a nugget into ground meat for the best burgers (beef of course, but also delicious in game burgers: bison, wild boar, elk, 'gator, venison, and more).
  • Let come to room temp. Slather on slices of crusty bread still hot from the toaster–the Italians prefer country rye.
  • Blend with a little butter to top hot steaks, broiled lobster tail, and jumbo shrimp kabobs – it’s a next level finishing butter.
  • Add a thin layer to lasagna, especially with besciamella and mushrooms.

Each package about 6oz

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Store in refrigerator (or freeze for longer storage

The whole story...

The lumberjacks in northern Italy know how to keep warm. Centuries ago--even before salame was a widespread Italian tradition--the tree huggers of Udine along the Slovenian-Italian border needed a way to keep meat on their bones...and to keep their recently butchered harvest from spoiling.

In their cool cellars, they cured pork belly and back fat under salt and wine infused with savory spice. Both pork sides went into a cool smokehouse so the sweet smoke permeated the cured slabs but didn't render the fat.

The whole lot was finely chopped and blended to make a paste that could be packed into jars. Kept cool and covered, this flavor-packed schmear would keep for months as the lumberjacks moved through the northern Italian forests.  

To warm up from the inside out, those ancient foresters only had to toast a slice from a crusty loaf and then spread on a thick layer of Sassaka. On top of hot toast, we're tempting to call it "bacon butter" as it warms and begins to render for a stick-to-your-ribs starter layered with sweet, smoky, and winter spice flavors.