Cheese & Charcuterie Pairings Package: in collaboration with Ash & Elm Cider Co.

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Each season, our neighbors at Ash & Elm Cider Co release a special selection of four hard ciders, and we work together on the perfect pairings...and trade discount codes!

Anyone can order this package of paired cheeses + charcuterie, but members of Ash & Elm's Cider Club enjoy an additional 15% Off.

Ciders are not included in this package. (Want the ciders? Take advantage of these discount codes when you order from Ash & Elm Cider Co: Use discount code GOOSE15 for 15% off when you sign up for the Cider Club hereJust want the four ciders mentioned below? Use discount code GOOSE10 for 10% off when you order "The Seasonal Bundle" from Ash & Elm

This season's Pairings Package includes:

- Risin' Creek Wasabi Chevre (paired with Lemongrass Coconut): Fresh goats' milk cheese--or chevre--is known for its lemon-y creaminess, and this Chevre from Indiana's own Risin' Creek is a gold medal winner at the U.S. Cheese Championship! For this pairing, the cheesemakers blend in wasabi, also known as Japanese horseradish, for a fresh bite to compliment the ciders' tropical twist. 

- Tulip Tree Foxglove (paired with Tropical Hops): Tulip Tree Creamery washes the rind of this double-cream cheese with a mixture of natural cultures and beer. This traditional cheese-aging treatment lends the cheese its distinctive orange colored rind as well as deliciously funky, sweet-sour flavors. Tropical Hops Cider, with its complex hop profile, stands up to this rich cheese with a perfectly crisp contrast. 

- Smoking Goose Lomo (paired with Melon Medley): Smoking Goose hand trims this whole pork loin to cure with paprika, black pepper, garlic, and more. Sliced thin, the silky cured pork plays on the tongue a bit like prosciutto with a rim of floral heat from the paprika piccante. Sip Melon Medley with this slice for a twist on the classic "prosciutto e melone" pairing as the cider's summer melon sweetness lifts Lomo's savory spice.

- Jacobs & Brichford Everton (paired with Autumntide): This husband-and-wife team raise the cows, do the milking, and make the cheese all on their farm + creamery in Connersville, Indiana. Their Everton is inspired by old-world Alpine style cheeses with the traditional dry grassy flavors and aromas reminiscent of the pastures on which the milking cows graze. It's a firm, aged cheese ideal for autumn, just like the fall spices in Autumntide's cozy sip.